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Where to Buy Soursop in Montreal

soursop in montreal

Soursop, which is also known as graviola, is a tree and the fruit that it bears that is grown primarily in tropical and subtropical regions of the world.

If you live in Montreal, and have friends or family from the Caribbean, a tropical African nation or if you are from the Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand or Malaysia, then you might be familiar with the green tropical spring fruit and the soursop tree that bears it. 

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Because the fruit is grown in warm climates you are not likely to find soursop fruit or soursop leaves for tea sold in most common Montreal grocery stores.

But you may find it in Montreal's Chinatown or international food stores that specialize in tropical fruit and Caribbean, African or Asia food products.

Why is soursop not grown in Montreal?

Soursop is not grown in the Montreal area or anywhere in Canada because it can't withstand the cold Montreal winters. It will die at temperatures under 10 C or 50 F.

Can I still buy soursop products in Montreal?

So what is someone who lives in Montreal to do if they want to buy soursop products? Well, luckily our store exists to make it easier to buy soursop products for delivery to Montreal addresses, as well as those in Quebec and across Canada.

Our company was created by Canadians that launched in the USA while we lived in Florida  for several years. Our family has recently returned from living and working in the U.S. which also included  a brief one year stint in Malaysia in 2018/2019.

We sell whole soursop leaves for tea. We also sell freeze dried soursop fruit. And we sell soursop fruit powder and soursop tea bags.

We ship to Montreal via Canada Post from our Toronto area depot. Shipping is either low cost or free (purchases over $50).

Soursop Products Shipped to Montreal

Here are the products we ship via Canada Post to Montreal:

Soursop Fruit in Montreal

We currently do not ship fresh soursop fruit to Montreal as it has to come from our supplier in the Caribbean and it can be expensive in small quantities. However we are working on resolving that so if you would like to find out when we will be able to ship fresh soursop fruit to Montreal, you can let us know here. 


Other Canadian cities we ship soursop products to:

  • Toronto and area
  • Halifax
  • Calgary
  • Edmonton
  • Vancouver
  • Victoria
  • Regina
  • Saskatoon
  • Fredericton
  • St John
  • St John's
  • Ottawa
  • If you don't see your town or city but you live in a Canadian address we will ship soursop products to you



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