Whole soursop product sales in Canada

Business to business soursop sales in Canada

wholesale soursop in Canada

We offer volume pricing for naturopaths, medical and para-medical businesses, health food stores and retail sellers of soursop fruit and soursop leaves.

We can provide the following soursop product fulfilment to any Canadian business. We can ship:

  • Whole soursop leaves,
  • Soursop leaf tea bags
  • Soursop leaf powder
  • Soursop fruit powder
  • Freeze dried soursop fruit
  • Frozen soursop pulp

Our products are sourced in Malaysia and are imported as bulk into Canada. 

Product packaging services

We can pack and label our products to your specifications. That includes custom labelling, custom packaging.

You can also buy volume of our pre-labels house brand already packaged and labelled for retail.

All Natural Soursop Whole Leaf

We import whole soursop leaves which are sourced from 1000 legacy soursop trees near the equator on a family farm in Malaysia. The trees are untouched by pesticides or herbicides. They have a rich flavor reminiscent of green tea and vanilla taste. They are air dried in the tropical heat and ready for use as tea or powder. We can package these or ship them in bulk.

All Natural Soursop Tea Bags

Our all natural soursop leaves are ground into powder and prepped in single serving tea bags, usually in 30 or 50 count packs.

  • House labelled, retail-ready packs. Minimum quantity: 100 x 50 bag units
  • Bulk 1000 tea bag counts
  • Custom packed and labelled: CAD$1000 order

All Natural Wholesale Soursop Powder

Our team imports fresh soursop powders from Malaysia. There are two versions. Soursop leaf powder, ideal for use as a nutritional supplement or for tea blends. 

We also import soursop fruit powder made from dried soursop fruit pulp.

Our products are all natural and have been tested and are are free of pesticides and herbicides.

  • Bulk 10 lbs (5 kg) packages
  • Custom packed and labelled: CAD$1000 order

Freeze Dried Soursop Fruit 

We source top grade soursop fruit and freeze dry it into 20g and 50g packs. No additives are used. It's made of pure soursop fruit. It eats like a chip.

  • Minimum order is CAD$1250, custom labeled and packing in 20g or 50 g foil bags

Frozen Soursop Pulp

Frozen Soursop Pulp Our team  imports fresh soursop fruit pulp from Colombian producers.

Inquire about minimum orders. Retail ready house brand available.

Contact us

Contact us for volume pricing for any of these products. Email andy@cyberwalker.com or call us 1-888-310-0008 x3 or 416-434-6503.