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All Natural Whole Soursop Leaves

All Natural Whole Soursop Leaves

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These hand-picked soursop leaves are harvested from legacy soursop trees on a family farm in Malaysia. They are air-dried and shipped to you via Canada Post in a flatpack.  Each single pack contains 70g (2.5 oz) of whole soursop leaves.

The packs contain enough leaf  product for 3 cups per day for a month.

  • No pesticides.
  • No herbicides.
  • Non-GMO.
  • Gluten-free.
  • No additives.
  • No sugar added.
  • Caffeine free.
  • Lab tested for purity. (CoA available)
  • Air dried on a farm in southern Malaysia.
  • Pack in resealable product envelope

Tea making instructions:

Steep 1 (or 2 small) leaves in a mug of boiling water and steep for 4-5 minutes until the water is lime green. It will taste like a cross between green tea and vanilla with a slightly sweet taste. Steep for up to 10 minutes for more potent tea (water will turn brown).


NOTE: If you select our BULK size we will ship you 400g (14oz) or if not available we will substitute with 6 x 2.5 oz (70g) = 15oz (420g)

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