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All Natural Dried Soursop Leaves - Bulk - 14 oz / 400g

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This whole leaf bulk pack of soursop leaves is the same product we ship in our 2.5 oz packs. Except it is designed for people who need bulk soursop leaves at a discount. 

Leaves are naturally air-dried on shaded racks on the farm where they are produced.

The are a wonderful ingredient for soursop tea. Herbacious and full flavored. Tastes like a cross between green tea and vanilla.

These soursop leaves are also all-natural:

  • Non GMO.
  • No herbicides.
  • No pesticides.
  • Food lab tested.
  • Single-ingredient.
  • No additives.

We have also inspected the farm where these leaves are grown and have been doing business with the same farmer for 4 years.

Grown on a family farm in southern Malaysia in an orchard of 1000 legacy soursop trees. Premium quality and taste.

Free shipping to Canadian addresses.

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